Game of thrones final season is almost over and is breaking records. With the excitement of the season finale we thought we would celebrate by Showing the fight of fire and ice, the ongoing theme in the show.

And what better way to illustrate that with chess. Using SOLIDWORKS Nashville and 3D printing we were able to create our own custom chess set.

For the fire side we used the dragon eggs for the pawns. For the Rook we went for a traditional castle look. The Knight we made a dragon. The Bishop is a simple sword and shield. The Queen we went with a twist shape with a tiara in the top with a flame in it. The kKng we went for a human figure with a crown on the head.

The Ice side the pawns where sections of the north wall. The Rook we went for an ice castle. We used the same model for the Knight and the Bishop. The Queen and the King also have the same model however the Queen’s tiara has a snowflake and the King has spikes coming from his head.

When designing a chess set its best to design it in one part file so you can reference each piece and get the size right. Especially when each side is different.

Having access to SOLIDWORKS Nashville and 3D printing you too can create your own custom chess set. It really is that easy. All you need is an idea and the tools will do the rest for you.