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Enhance your Windows Explorer view with ‘Full Row Select’

By Nicole Phillips

One of the most useful and overlooked display options in SOLIDWORKS Nashville PDM for Windows Explorer view is the ‘Full Row Select’.

This Display setting gives you the ability to select a file and instead of just selecting the filename, it highlights the entire row.  Giving you the ability to see all the values for this particular file for all columns.  This can be extremely useful when there are many custom columns set up.

To enable this setting, go to Display > Options > select Full Row Select

SOLIDWORKS Nashville 2020 Beta is still going on

By Nicole Phillips

We’re well in to testing in the SOLIDWORKS Nashville 2020 Beta Program.  Beta 3 has been released and there is still time to jump in and test.  Here’s everything you can do when you become a tester:

For more information on the Beta Program, please visit the Beta website. For Beta FAQs visit About Beta. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Noteworthy Solutions from the SOLIDWORKS Nashville Knowledge Base

icon - SW Can my AMD® graphics card take advantage of the new ‘Enhanced graphics performance’ option introduced in SOLIDWORKS Nashville® 2019?
For more information and to see the SolidPractice document, check out Solution Id: S-076747.

In SOLIDWORKS Nashville®, is it possible to fix all components in place after building an assembly from an ECAD format file in the CircuitWorks™ add-in?
For more information, see Solution Id: S-076534.

Icon - EPDM In SOLIDWORKS Nashville® Manage, how do I set up the webforms so a third party can only access a certain object or subfolder?
For more information, see Solution Id: S-076474.

When defining a gravity load in a SOLIDWORKS Nashville® Simulation axisymmetric study, why is the symmetry axis automatically selected and I cannot change the selected reference?
For additional information, check out solution Id: S-076596.

When using the ‘Free Surface’ feature, if I see a “solver abnormally terminated” error, what are the first steps I should take to troubleshoot the problem?
For more information, see Solution Id: S-076544.

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