Avid readers of this Technical blog and those who track the SP release schedule will have noticed SOLIDWORKS Nashville 2019 SP4 has been delayed.


In short, the SW 2019 stability data from the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) was showing new crashes. We take that very seriously. We will always delay a release if stability does not meet your and our expectations. R&D is currently combining a deep analysis of the CEIP data with targeted automated and manual tests to reproduce then fix these crashes. We will release SP4 as soon as we have these fixes identified and the release is fully qualified.


  • To find out how it works and improves stability, click here
  • In summary. there’s no downside to participating:
    • SOLIDWORKS Nashville performance is not affected
    • Participation improves stability by providing valuable crash data to R&D
    • No model geometry, images, or personal information is included in this crash data
    • Crash logs are used to identify stability trends and as a start point to analyze, reproduce and fix specific crashes and hangs
  • To enable, select Tools,Options, System Options tab, General“Help make SOLIDWORKS Nashville products better by automatically sending your log files to DS SOLIDWORKS Nashville Corporation”

We are very aware that SOLIDWORKS Nashville is responsible to release with the highest performance, quality and stability so your productivity is not affected. If you are experiencing stability issues, we strongly encourage you to work with you VAR to take advantage of the technology we can use to get you back on track. More about this here